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Direct Burial

Direct Burial

The body is buried shortly after death, usually in a simple container. No viewing or visitation is involved, so no embalming is necessary. A memorial service may be held at the graveside or later. Direct burial usually costs less than the "traditional" full-service funeral. Costs include the funeral home's basic services fee, as well as transportation and care of the body, the purchase of a casket or burial container and a cemetery plot or crypt. If the family chooses to be at the cemetery for the burial, the funeral home often charges an additional fee for a graveside service.

Basic Features Of Direct Burial

Because direct burial does not include a formal funeral or any pre-funeral events, many of the costs of a traditional funeral are avoided.

  • The body is usually buried in a simple container, rather than an expensive casket
  • There is no viewing, visitation, or wake before the burial, which eliminates the need for embalming
  • A graveside funeral service may be held when the body is buried (often at an additional cost), or a memorial service may be held at a later date

Direct Burial Funeral Service Options

Often, direct burial takes place with no formal ceremony and no mourners at the gravesite. If you want to have a direct burial and you want a brief service, you may be able to pay a fee to hold a brief graveside service. By holding a graveside service, however, the arrangements may change the type of service to a “graveside service” from a “direct burial” and the cost may increase significantly. If you are interested in an immediate burial with a graveside service component, talk to the funeral director you’re working with to learn about how they handle these types of arrangements.

If you are interested in a direct burial but want to have a formal service as well, that service will likely take the form of a memorial service after the burial. The memorial service can take place immediately after the burial, or some time in the future.