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Out-of-State Transfer

As a courtesy to our families, when you select a casket for transfers,we will provide an one hour viewing at no additional cost, some family & friends cannot make the trip north, this is ideal for those situations.

Our charge for this package includes but is not limited to: the removal of the deceased locally from the place of death and transportation into our care, embalming and other preparation of the deceased,  transportation of the deceased to Orlando International Airport,  a 20 gauge, non-gasketed metal casket,  an outer shipping container (the container that surrounds and protects the casket during shipping,  coordination with airlines involved and the out of town funeral director that will be receiving the deceased,  basic services of the funeral director and staff in completing the death certificate and registering it with the State of Florida, a free online obituary and online guest book on our website.

Please Note:  If a church viewing or service is requested extra charges will be applied for the funeral hearse that transports the deceased from the funeral home to the place of service and for a flower van that transports flowers, equipment and staff to the place of the service.

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